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Chris Hobbs, owner of Chris Hobbs Dry Stone Walling has over 25 years’ experience of building traditional fill, quality dry stone walls. Over these years, with over 20 of them being a full time dry stone Waller, Chris has been honing and refining his skills and developing an extensive knowledge and a passion for stone. Priding himself on the traditional fill walls, Chris has used all his past experience including sourcing stone  to ensure his walls and features stand the test of time. Chris prides himself on the traditional aspects of the craft, ensuring the most traditional methods are used, even hand crafting his own half round toppers using stone straight from the quarry. As the business and demand grew, Chris decided he would take on a team of similar quality Waller’s who have a similar passion for creating truly stunning features and walls to the highest standard.  Many of the projects secured, both past and present have been as a result of a recommendation or word of mouth, proving the quality of workmanship speaks for itself. Chris has been fortunate enough to work on many high profile projects with a notable clientele.  

Chris Hobbs

Dry Stone Walling

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